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Steve & Rhonda Nicholes

Steve, Rhonda and their family are currently located at the Word of Life Bible Institute on Jeju Island. A lot of their focus and energy is invested in teaching and training WOLBI Jeju students in the Word of God so that those students can eventually go into other areas of Asia to do the same thing.

Jacob & Crystal Morse

Jacob and Crystal Morse work through Word of Life serving in South Korea. They are preparing Asian church leaders through: local church ministries, camps, discipleship training, family ministries & missions outreach

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Village Missions

Fred & Cindy Stromberg

Fred and Cindy Stromberg currently serve Azalea Community Church in Azalea, Oregon. They are supported through Village Missions. They exist to glorify Jesus Christ by developing spiritually vital churches in rural North America.

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Ethnos 360

Andy & Majo Williams

Majo is in training at Ethnos 360 Missionary Training Center in Roach Missouri. Andy is working for the center while Majo is in school. They are planning to return to Colombia after she has completed the program. Ethnos 360 is a thriving organization for every people, by helping the local church train, coordinate, and send missionaries to unreached people.

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Crossover World

Romeo & Kaye Capuli

CROSSOVER is a movement on a mission to evangelize, disciple, and develop the next generation leaders of the 4-14 Window. The 4/14 Window refers to the demographic group are between the ages of from age four to fourteen 4-14. years old, the most open and receptive to every form of spiritual and developmental input. Convert a man or woman and you may get 20 to 40 years of testimony for Christ. While children have their whole lives ahead of them. Win and disciple a child and you will get 60-80 years of service for Christ.

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Baptist Mid Missions

Jeff & Kim Abernethy

Campus Bible Fellowship at UNC

The varied faces of our CBFI ministry are: 

  • one-on-one discipleship - where we get up close and personal with students - both saved and unsaved - who desire a deeper diving into the Word of God
  • outreach table conversations - where we sit at a table during the day and have conversations with students passing by
  • weekly on-campus Bible studies
  • monthly game nights and events at our home or other venuesfall and spring retreats
  • random student who will contact us through phone, email, or website with questions 

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Life Worth Living Ministries

David & Evelyn Dye

Life Worth Living Baptist Ministries is just that! It is a spiritual safe haven ministering to the needs of our elderly. It's a 24/7 "shoe leather ministry" reflecting by example God's love through service. It includes residential care; providing also to the physical aspect of our ladies needs. 

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Central Missionary Clearinghouse
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Eric & Lisa Simpson

Eric and Lisa are both Americans (married in 1988), having come to Rossington in 2002.

They started our church as a little group at the Miner’s Welfare in June 2003. They moved about from venue to venue until God provided space at the Holmescarr Centre around 2010. They work very hard to plug into Rossington in various ways. Their aim is to give people an opportunity to explore who Jesus is. They offer both Sunday services and other not-so-traditional opportunities like Messy Church. 

Messy Church is an opportunity to experience a different kind of church. It is a chance to investigate a bit about this whole God thing in a very easy-to-access way. Messy Church is divided into 3 parts: a craft session, a “Huddle time” (brief family-friendly service about family issues), and a family-style meal. 

Ronnie & Lou Ann Smith

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Bread of Life Baptist Missions

Ernie Harman

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Biblical Ministries Worldwide

Pink & Selina Davis

Pink and Selena Davis work with Biblical Ministries Worldwide by

church planting in New Zealand. They are involved in evangelism,

discipleship, and leadership training.

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Prisoners for Christ

John Wyatt

John Wyatt is a Minster of the Gospel in Rainelle West Virginia and the surrounding counties.  John pastors two small mission churches in Bellwood and Duo. He is the director of the Appalachian Cultural Heritage Alliance, and is a chaplain for the Greenbrier County Sheriffs Department. His ministries include nursing homes, a food pantry, Prisoners for Christ, Philemon House, working with ex-offenders and recovering addicts, outreaches through music and Appalachian culture talks, and videos on his Facebook page “JohnWyattTheAppalachian”.

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Baptist International Missions Inc.

Alan & Elena Sutphen

Alan and Elena have been on the field of Uganda since June 2011 and began working on a church plant in a village outside of Soroti. In 2016, after this church was turned over to a national pastor, Alan assumed the leadership of the Soroti Orphan Assistance Project (SOAP). There are 43 orphans that we minister to through the Independent Baptist Church and the Independent Baptist Primary School. Our goal is to see these children saved, baptized, and discipled to be well-grounded and faithful witnesses for Christ, in their communities and throughout Uganda.

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Vision Baptist Missions

Adam Walz

The purpose of their ministry is to evangelize the lost, train national leadership, and plant multiple indigenous churches all throughout Taiwan! 

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Engineering Ministries International

Lesley Smith

Lesley began serving as an expat missionary in Danli, Honduras in 2013, working with a local church plant of the Great Commission Latin America network. There, she learned firsthand how various kinds of social projects can bring people to the gospel, tending to physical needs while also meeting spiritual needs. She worked as the lead teacher at the local church's children's development center and also helped coordinate short-term mission teams that visited the Danli church. 

In 2016, Lesley moved to Managua, Nicaragua to help launch the EMI Nicaragua office, which serves other ministries in Nicaragua and throughout Central America by providing professional design and construction services. Lesley had the privilege of developing EMI Nicaragua's intern program for both international and local intern participants (including hosting orientation in two languages!), in addition to working part-time as an assistant for the office director and event coordinator. 

Lesley's passion for this in-house ministry opportunity of EMI to disciple the next generation of design professionals during some of the most formative years of their adult lives continues on. In February 2019, Lesley moved to Colorado, USA to join the Global Office and oversee the intern program amongst EMI's eleven offices worldwide. In addition, Lesley now also manages the EMI fellowship program, facilitates the worldwide tenure recognition program, and helps coordinate events for the Global office. 

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Baptist Bible Fellowship

Ted Farris


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Grace Bible Camp

Grace Bible Camp is an independent, nonprofit, interdenominational camp located in Goshen, Virginia. It has been providing quality camping in a distinctively Christian atmosphere since 1953.

Counselors are carefully selected and specially trained to work with girls and boys and young people in the camp setting. Rules for acceptance and participation are the same for everyone without regard to race, color, national origin, age, sex, or disability.

Grace Bible Camp is located in the beautiful mountains of Virginia about 17 miles northwest of Lexington on Route 780 between I-64 and the town of Goshen.

Pacific Islands University

Pacific Islands University exists to provide accessible, excellent, transformational Christian higher education and ministry training to Micronesia, the Pacific Islands, and to the ends of the earth. As such, our mission is to prepare men and women with a biblical worldview for leadership and service in life, work, and ministry in the global community and the church.

Weekday Religious Education

Virginia Weekday Education provides public school children with the opportunity to learn about the Bible in addition to their regular school curriculum. With parents’ written permission, boys and girls in certain grade levels are released from school for a specified period to go to off-campus facilities for religious instruction. The Bible is the primary text, and the curriculum is interdenominational, non-evangelistic, and has been approved by the Virginia Council of Churches and denominational leaders across the state.